We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our self, we are a full IT service provider, that has been helping businesses, organizations and individuals to achieve their potential. We provide GPS based vehicle tracking solutions with a combined platform of high-performance fleet management system and robust GPS devices. We are dedicated to meet your objectives in critical vehicle tracking solutions. We offer powerful solution to satisfy your industrial needs. Our flagship web tracking systems(T-Qat) have been developed to help you manage your vehicles, Whether you run a limousine service or a trucking company.

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Real-time Tracking through the T-Qat fleet management

1. Tracking your vehicles location and movement within a time interval of 10 Sec or more..
2. Supporting various alarms including SOS alarm, Speed alarm, low power alarm, Geo-fence alarm and so on.
3. Historical Data Storage.
4. User management: Administrator can manage and set privileges for other users. We will provide you one general user and any number of limited users. General user can have administrative privileges and limited users has only functional privileges which they can handle real-time tracking and various reports..


Automated Fleet management reports

You can handle all fleet management reports through our advanced windows application “T-Qat Report management Systems V 4.0..3 It enables you to access the data more fast and reliable. This report supports offline mode also. The various fleet management reports available with this system are as follows.

  1. Over speed report allows you to monitor over-speed by setting speed thresholds for certain vehicles and it allows you to view the location and time of where a speed limit violation occurred. Enforcing a speed limit not only promotes driver safety but will also help to save money on fuel costs.
  2. Historical Data report enables you to view specific location, stop and speed information for an individual vehicle for a given time period in past.
  3. Parking Report – You can list every stop that a vehicle makes over a given time period and how long the vehicle was stopped at each of those locations.
  4. Running report displays the number of kilometer’s, hours, total vehicles, fleet runtime and overall usage of your fleet.
  5. Geo-fence Report allows you to view the information of your vehicles within a geographical area on the basis of exit/entry.
  6. Mileage Report enables you to view the fuel efficiency calculated on the basis of number of kilometer travelled by your vehicles on a given quantity of fuel.
  7. (engine Idle ) Parking with engine on/ off report.


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