Server Setup

  • You will have the freedom to modify all the server software to your needs. This includes the operating system kernel which is not always the case with other virtualization solutions such as private virtual servers.
  • Stability and security because a software problem is isolated from and to your environment. This will have no impact on yours because resources are dedicated and your stability is guaranteed.
  • You will not suffer from the usual server hardware as well as have Cloud computing, benefits, i.e. stability, speed and security. Server are economically more efficient. You will hold probably the best stability / cost ratio performance.


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The third content of a website is the Web-Hosting which is a specified area measured in Mega-Bites reserved for the website on a Web-Server, used to save website files in order to view using web-browser. Usually, Web-Hosting is accompanied with a number of features such as mail boxes which can be created and specify the allowed amount of pass data. Web-Hosting can be done for one full year of more.


It is important to distinguish between the quality of a Web-Hosting service and the features of a Web-server.

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