Special Customer Support:

ATS Foundation guarantees full customer support through offering technical services and quick solutions in addition to continuous maintenance and training courses for clients in using systems and programs efficiently. That can be done by:

  1. Management staff
  2. Group of departments and specializations
  3. Public relation employees
  4. We support continuous-after sale development to guarantee stability of high quality, fast and accurate services.

Technical Support:

ATS guarantees keeping the high level of information technology services which meet global standards. Our support team of experts who have high technical skills and are provided with excellent equipment are working to the extreme to keep customer satisfaction and to build new connections.

Customer service standards:

  1. Rapid action to resolve any problem
  2. Backup files and data
  3. Speed in responding to customer requirements
  4. Accuracy and transparency and the real guarantee for the quality of service

Research & Development

Our team can provide information regarding the following:

  • Mechanical status of the vehicle
  • Trucks Load
  • Temperature of refrigeration system
  • Monitoring Cameras for school and public buses

As a result, connectivity is established as well as integration and coordination between all workforces that are related to your work such as workforces as employees, suppliers, partners, customers and clients via internet. We help our clients through flexible and unique services provided to several models of partnership. Those services help our clients in achieving better management and controlling for their daily tasks (administrative or technical), with reducing work expenses to produce new sources of income and to gain a competitive advantage.

Benefits of T-Qat Systems

Controlling Abilities

  1. Monitoring locations and movements of moving-machines which helps in specifying working hours and over-times.
  2. Developing geographic borders and receiving alert signals via internet or mobile message in case of crossing defined borders.
  3. Specifying speed limits for vehicles and alert signals via internet or mobile message in case of crossing defined limit.
  4. Receiving alert messages via internet or mobile message in case of fuel dropping down suddenly.
  5. Receiving alert messages via internet or mobile message in case of opening vehicle doors.
  6. Ability to lock and switch off the vehicle to protect it from illegal actions.
  7. Registration of historical data and saving them with retrieval properties when needed.

Economical Advantages of using T-Qat

  • Increasing revenue by having better production with limiting expenses.
  • Improving vehicle itineraries and driver safety by developing a mandatory work environment.

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