ATS specializes in dynamic web-design using advanced programming languages as (ASP.Net, PHP) with full support of Data-base (MySQL, MSSQL) in addition to JavaScript, html, XML and CSS, etc.
In simple words, we work on designing websites which meet customers’ needs and expectations as well as giving suggestions with the help of our design team and experts. It is possible to customize features you prefer such as:


Domain Registration

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Web Hosting

The third content of a website is the Web-Hosting which is a specified area measured in Mega-Bites reserved for the website on a Web-Server, used to save website files in order to view using web-browser. Usually, Web-Hosting is accompanied with number of features such as mail boxes which can be created and specify the allowed amount of pass data. Web-Hosting can be done for one full year of more.

Web-Server Standards

It is important to distinguish between the quality of a Web-Hosting service and the features of a Web-server

Therefore, the quality of our services includes:

Service stability: That means not to stop providing the service which causes by many reasons such as malfunction of the internet server itself or any other reasons.

Quick solving of problems: The quick response to solve any problem and the quick maintenance are the most important points to have high quality stabile services.

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