Why Advanced Technologies & Solutions?

ATS is a full IT service provider that has been helping businesses, organizations and individuals to achieve their potential.

We are proud of:

The level of knowledge and expertise which we have gained through our research, development and our commitment to satisfy our customers. Our collaboration with top Asian, European and American Companies is helping us to offer the latest and most innovative technological solutions and information to our clients efficiently and at a reasonable price.

Imagine you invest in a service which is a solution for all of the previously mentioned challenges!



Our vision is to become the leading vehicle tracking system provider as well as the premier supplier of innovative and reliable location-based solutions in the field of information and communication in the fast growing Qatari market.


Our goal is to provide the best service that meets our client’s needs efficiently and economically. We strive to gain their trust through our state of the art products and our dedicated customer service.


Our mission is to provide businesses with location-based tools that enhance their operating performance. Our dedication to ingenuity, integrity, vision and high business ethics will build trust and respect in the marketplace. Effective communication and customer service will be the cornerstone for earning new business while maintaining the highest levels of customer retention, enhance overall customer’s satisfaction and to provide quality products and services through a nationwide network.


Never discouraged, always persistent in the pursuit of perfection.


To do what is right and venture to new areas.

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